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Welcome to Sidebar Volleyball Tournaments!

When: Saturday March 23rd, 2024 - 11 AM

Where: Sidebar

What: Quads Volleyball Tournament

How Much: $35/person ($140/team)

Format: Coed (2 Guys/2 Girls)

Game/Match score will be dependent on number of teams

Bring your own 4's!

*This is not a strict rules volleyball tournament*

1. Blatant lifts and carries will be called

2. Doubles on hand sets will not be called unless they violate rule 1

3. Do not touch the net with any part of the body all the way through the play

4. Ref's ruling is FINAL!

Rules for Sidebar

1. Only empty water bottles may be brought in (purified water is on site for self-service)

2. No outside alcoholic drinks (will result in ejection and no refund)

3. Outside food is allowed



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