Summer 2021 

Monday Summer II '21 Schedule

Week 4 September 13th

6:00 PM Candyland Dewdrop Gang vs Big Ole Hitties

6:45 PM Gopher Hole vs Running Pegasus

7:30 PM  Double Date vs Free Agent Team (Santiago)

8:15 PM Don’t Know Yet vs Steel City

9:00 PM Aging Jock Syndrome vs Free Agent Team (Unger)

Tuesday Summer II '21 Schedule

Week 5, September 14th

6:00 PM - Nature Volley Bars vs Net Worth


6:45 PM - International Carpool vs Pass and Hitties


7:30 PM - Aceholes vs Safe Sets


8:15 PM - Turquoise Turtles Vs Brew Hops


9:00 PM - Sandy Cheeks vs Steel City 


Bye Week: Is It In?

Wednesday Summer II '21 Schedule

Week 6, September 15th

6:00 pm YP Birmingham vs ACE Inhibitors

6:45 pm The Empire Strikes Back vs Neon’s Uni Sets Bathrooms

7:30 pm Drink Up Beaches vs Beta Blockers

8:15 pm MS Wons vs Past Our Prime

9:00 pm How I Set Your Mother vs Spiked Tyson

Bye Week: Cross Court Crepitus

Thursday Summer II '21 Schedule

Week 6, September 16th

6:00 pm No Sets Before Marriage vs Code Blue Ballers

6:45 pm Bye Week vs BHAMmered

7:30 pm Set on Your Face vs Butt Sets

8:15 pm I'd Hit That vs Back on Thursdays

9:00 The Grateful Digs vs Complementary Sandjobs

Bye Week: Spikeology