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Welcome to Sidebar Beach Volleyball League!


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General Information

Signup Fee ($60) includes a league shirt, drink specials, and weekly raffles throughout the season plus champions shirts, hats, prizes, and bar tabs for champions. 

This is a co-ed league where all skill levels are welcome. Monday (if applicable) and Tuesdays are competitive leagues. Wednesday and Thursday is a social league where stricter competitive rules are not called.




Competitive Rules/Calls

- Teams of 4 - rotations do NOT have to be made, but serve rotation must be kept

- Doubles will be called (up to discretion of the ref)

- Carries/lifts will be called (up to discretion of the ref)

- If hand setting over the net, ball must travel in direction shoulders are facing (forward or backwards)

- Lifts are not allowed - if a lift motion is made while contacting the ball, contact must be audibe

- No open hand tips - pads of fingers cannot be used to tip a ball

- Net violations will be called

- Coming under the net to the opposing team's side will be called if play/other team is affected






Basic Rules

-6 v 6 Co-ed (at least 2 females on the court)  

-Rally Scoring (best of 3 games to 21-21-15) 

-6 week regular season, in addition to a final tournament over 2 weeks

-All equipment provided-

Rotation is required for all players. If there are more than 6 players, additional players come onto the court and rotate in a clockwise rotation.

*While competitive, this is a casual/fun league following the rules in the link at the bottom of the page. These leagues are recommended for those still honing their skills and learning setting rules. There are no double hit fouls called in these two leagues.


Games are ALWAYS ON unless otherwise announced (a little drizzle has never stopped us). Be sure to check your email on game day if it appears that weather may cause a cancellation. Cancellations will be announced at two hours before the start of the first match.


You can use a sub if one of your players cannot make it. 1-to-1 subbing is enforced, meaning you can only invite other players equal to the same amount missing. There cannot be more subs than there are roster players on a given night. NO SUBS IN PLAYOFFS. 


Every team in the league makes the playoffs. Tournament is a single elimination format with match play. Tie breaker rules for seeding:

1. Overall record

2. Head to Head 

3. Point Differential 

*NOTE* - if there is a 3 way or more tie, head to head will be used. If all teams in tie did not play each other, overall point differential will be used.

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