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Teams play best 2 out of 3 matches, total time of a match will not exceed 6 minutes, if the time runs out than the team with the most players still standing wins. 

Week 1 August 1st:

6:00 pm Plan B vs. Daj Mabals

6:30 pm RISE vs Jager Bombers

7:00 pm Big Dreams Little Balls vs Big Ball Dodgers

7:30 pm Delmars Angels vs. Average Josephs

8:00 pm Sidebar vs. YP Bham

8:30 pm Sidebar vs. The Fennec

Week 2 August 8th:

6:00 pm Average Josephs vs. YP Bham

6:30 pm Daj Mabals vs. The Fennec

7:00 pm Jager Bombers vs, Plan B

7:30 pm Delmars Angels vs. Big Ball Dodgers

8:00 pm Sidebar vs. RISE

8:30 pm Plan B vs. Big Dreams Little Balls

Week 3 August 15th:

6:00 pm The Fennec vs. Big Ball Dodgers

6:30 pm RISE vs Delmars Angels

7:00 pm Plan B vs. YP Bham

7:30 pm Daj Mabals vs. Big dreams little balls

8:00 pm Sidebar vs. Average Josephs

Week 4 August 22nd:
6:00 pm Daj Mabals vs Big Ball Dodgers

6:30 pm YP Bham vs. RISE

7:00 pm The Fennec vs My Drinking Team Has A Dodgeball Problem

7:30 pm Delmars Angels vs. Jager Bombers

8:00 pm Average Josephs vs. Jager Bombers

8:30pm SIdebar vs. Big Dreams Little Balls

Week 5 August 29th:

6:00 pm YP Bham vs The Fennec

6:30 pm Average Josephs vs. Big Dreams, Little Balls

7:00 pm Daj Mabals vs. My drinking Team has a Dodgeball Problem

7:30 Delmars Angels vs Jager Bombers

8:00 pm Delmars Angels vs Sidebar

8:30 pm RISE vs Big Ball Dodgers

Week 6 September 12th:



We will be drawing team names from a cup to determine how this Dodgeball Tournament Plays Out. Your team could play at anytime so come get comfortable and meet some new people!

*Teams that made it to every game will receive a special treat*

We had to postpone the last week due to federal holiday, however if teams want to come play you are more than welcome any time of the day to have a wasted, dodgeball labor day- Just let me know in advance please at 205-520-3218. 

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