• SIDEBAR SOCIAL GOLDEN RULE: Have fun, make new friends, and take advantage of drink specials. The game might not go your way, but cold beer always helps!

  • You always need to have your team shirts on league days.

  • Referees have the final call on the court. Please respect them.

  • No fighting or aggressive behavior will be tolerated and may result in suspension or expulsion from the league. So, don’t do that.

  • Please be on time. We recommend showing up at least 10 minutes early to check in and avoid any chance of forfeit – And it gives you time to get a few drinks.

  • And, as always, no smoking in the sand or deck area of the Sandbar, please use the designated areas.



6 players will play at once. A minimum of 4 players from your roster or a “qualified substitute” (see Qualified Substitutes below) are required to start a game or continue a game.




If any team is short the required number of players (6) in a regular season game, they may invite players to substitute for the missing roster player. Substitutes must be qualified by signing the “Sandbar Waiver” and must be approved by the Referee – the Referee has full discretion to allow or deny any substitute from being qualified to play.


Teams may not substitute more players than are missing from their rosters. (e.g. If Team A has 10 people signed up on their roster and 1 is missing, Team A can only have 1 substitute). No more than 2 substitutes may be allowed per team any given day of league play.


At sign in, substitutes should check in with the Game Coordinator on site to sign the “Sandbar Waiver” and pick up a pinnie to wear while playing. This is ensuring that qualified substitutes can be easily identified by the Referees. The substitute will exchange their ID for the pinnie, and the identification will be returned upon receipt of the pinnie.




Each team will play 5 games per scheduled night. The team with the most wins after 5 games will win.


Only LIVE balls can eliminate an opposing player (see LIVE balls below).




LIVE balls are balls that are legally thrown. Only LIVE balls can eliminate opposing players. If a LIVE ball is caught, the original thrower of the LIVE ball is eliminated.




All balls are considered DEAD at the start of each game and only become LIVE after the balls are CLEARED (see Clearing Balls below).


Balls are considered DEAD in 5 different ways:


  1. A LIVE ball leaves the sand court;

  2. A throw is considered a HEADSHOT (see Headshot below);

  3. A LIVE ball that some opponent catches (See Catch Rule below);

  4. A LIVE ball that hits anything other than an opposing player(s) or any other ball (including, but not limited to, the sand, the tent or any of its supporting beams, posts, referee/observers, the deck area); OR

  5. A Referee pauses the game.






The game will begin with 5 balls placed in the center of the court in a straight line. Six players from each team will line up with their toe along their respective baselines. The Referee will blow a whistle to signal the start of the game, at which point the players are permitted to enter the field of play and retrieve the balls. If any player False Starts by crossing the line before the whistle blows, a ball will be rewarded to the other team. The start will be redone by the referee with the remaining balls. The Referee will hold the forfeited ball(s) until after the all balls have been CLEARED and then distribute it to the appropriate team.


If a player slides across the line or places steps across the center line during the BALL RUSH, he or she will be ruled out.




To prevent wrestling and fights for the ball, we will have a “jump ball” between the two players that lay equal claim to the ball. The team designated on the schedule as the “home team” will be given the ball. The awarded possession will alternate between home and away teams the remaining match.




After the “ball rush,” the balls need to be CLEARED to become LIVE. The obtained balls from the center line can be cleared one of two ways:


  1. The ball(s) are thrown past the backline to a waiting teammate; OR

  2. The player carries the ball past the backline.


After the balls have become CLEARED, they will be LIVE and ready to throw at opponents. If a ball is thrown before being CLEARED, it will be forfeited to the other team and will not count for any outs.  


Rolling the ball to the other team is not permitted.




A LIVE ball that is thrown legally can eliminate an opponent. The Player must be:


  1. In bounds;

  2. Throw the ball over the center line;

  3. Throw the ball below the opposing players neck (no headshots); AND

  4. Throw the ball appropriately (no “pinching the ball” throws OR “spinning” throws).




As mentioned above, when a LIVE ball that is legally thrown strikes the opposing player, that player is out. (NOTE: that all articles of clothing and accessories are considered extensions of the body. This also includes any drinks you may be holding!)


When a LIVE ball hits more than one opposing player before becoming DEAD (hitting the sand, tent, leaves the court, etc.), all hit players are out.


When a player on the opposing team catches the LIVE ball, the player who threw the ball is out.


NOTE: If the player deflects a LIVE ball with a ball in their possession and the deflected ball is caught by a teammate before it becomes DEAD, it is considered a catch. Therefore, the player who threw the ball is out. Furthermore, if a player is hit with a LIVE ball and the deflected ball is caught by a teammate before it becomes DEAD, the hit player(s) are SAVED and the person who threw the ball is out.










If a player is holding a ball when they get hit and retaliates by throwing the ball at the other team, that player will be suspended for the rest of that day’s games.


Any intentional or unintentional physical contact of any kind during the BALL RUSH is not allowed and may result in ejection from that game or suspension.


The team in possession of the most balls have 10 seconds to throw at least 1 of the balls across the center line or there will be a shot clock violation. If no ball is thrown within the time limit, ALL the players holding balls on that team will be out. NOTE: If a team throws a ball that is not legal (rolling the ball, headshot, etc.), the shot clock will continue running.




Each team may call one one-minute timeout per day of play, if needed.




Teams should report to the courts at least 10 minutes before their scheduled start time of the match. A game will be ruled a forfeit if any of the following occur:


  • No one from one of the teams is present at the start of the game

  • The minimum number of players (4) are not present

  • Improper conduct or fighting by one or more players on any team


While any of the following can result in a forfeit loss of 5-0, exceptions can be made if a team has exigent circumstances. Still, the final decision is subject to the Referee’s discretion.




Registered teams that miss two weeks of play will be considered to have abandoned their place in that season of the League. Teams meeting this criterion will be contacted by Sidebar Social’s coordinator to confirm their abandonment status. If the team fails to respond within two business days, they will be removed from the season schedule and will forfeit their registration fees. Teams that respond will be required to supply reasoning for lack of attendance and can petition the League for reinstatement. Reactivation decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis at the sole discretion of the League management.




In the event of weather conditions making the games unsafe, Sidebar Social will send an update to those who have signed up for notifications at registration. Additionally, updates will be posted on Sidebar Social’s website ( under the League updates.


In the event the matches have been started and then must be postponed due to weather, the matches will be restarted from the beginning if less than the first half of the first game has been played; otherwise, the games will be called or resumed from the stoppage of play if the progress of the game if after the first half of the first game.


Any matches postponed for weather will be rescheduled and information on the rescheduled game will be sent to all players via email.


MOST IMPORTANTLY – This is a SOCIAL LEAGUE, so have fun and make friends!